Noah’s Service Sertoma Club  In its last major review and revision of growth and club building initiatives, Sertoma International adopted a Service 400 program for growth. Traditional club building thought dictated that you find a town without a Sertoma club and seek to start a new club in that location. In response to changing times and social awareness, Sertoma determined that it would be more responsible and easier to build clubs around a need in a community or geographic area rather than focusing on locations. The spirit of Service 400 dictates that Sertoma build to serve needs – a refocus of Service to Mankind.

Noah’s Service Sertoma Club came into being through the Service 400 program. Michael Renner first attended a Crete Sertoma Club meeting in the fall of 2000 just introducing his idea of a seeing-eye and service dog training facility to the citizens of Crete. Seeing a significant need and a project that would be of great benefit to thousands of persons with disabilities, to the city of Crete and to the state of Nebraska, members of the Crete Sertoma Club suggested to Mike that a Service 400 Sertoma club be built for support of this project. A Service 400 Sertoma club would provide NOAH’S Assistance Dogs with manpower for fund raising and work projects, with organized structure and the umbrella of Sertoma International’s IRS tax-exempt status and liability insurance coverage.

The club was built through work projects and general informational meetings held through the summer of 2001 and it was chartered with 27 members in August of that year. In its first year Noah’s Service Sertoma Club won District awards for convention attendance and display, was a 100% Early Bird Member of the Sertoma Foundation and earned the GEM award.


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